24 hours to lobby the NEC about the Newham Trigger Ballot

On Tuesday 24th January Labour’s ruling body, the NEC, will be considering a letter submitted by party members in Newham demanding that they hold an enquiry into the Newham Trigger Ballot process in light of a number of irregularities that took place. Add your name here and show the NEC that calls for a fair and open selection to select the 2018 Mayoral candidate are growing and won’t go away. Also tomorrow, the national Fabian Society national executive committee will be considering its report following an investigation into the controversial Newham Fabians Trigger Ballot meeting – it may mean that the vote is declared void. We’ll send you more details as soon as we hear!

Read more details in the letter sent to the NEC last week by Labour Party members in Newham here. Be part of the growing Democracy Triggered movement in Newham and take action now.

Keeping Democracy Triggered

P.s. help us spread democracy in Newham by sharing this with Labour Party members you know – and check out our new website which we’ve launched today! www.democracytriggered.org