Challenge for Mayor: Cllr John Whitworth

The Newham Recorder has just announced that Cllr Dr John Whitworth intends to challenge Sir Robin Wales to become the Mayor:]

As we keep saying we’re not anti Robin Wales or pro any other candidate. However, unless members Vote No at their affirmative nomination/trigger ballot meetings there simply isn’t a job for Cllr Whitworth to apply for or a ballot paper you can mark your x on to vote for him.

So if you’d like to hear why Cllr Whitworth thinks he should be the Mayor or what any other member would do if they were Mayor you need to Vote No for Choice.

There will then be an open selection process where a range of member, hopefully reflecting Newham’s population, can put themselves forward.

Sir Robin Wales would automatically be included, but after 21 years in power, with members only once actually choosing him, we think it’s time for a debate.