Dave Hill: Labour refuses Newham ‘trigger ballot’ inquiry as affiliate finds breach of its own rules

Guardian journalist, Dave Hill, writes an insightful blog post on the Newham trigger ballot in light of Labour’s governing national executive committee (NEC) turning down a request from party members in Newham for an inquiry into how Sir Robin Wales was chosen to seek election as the borough’s mayor for a fifth time next year despite two of the organisations that supported him conducting their own investigations into how their votes were cast, one of which has concluded that its local branch broke its own rules.

A statement from the national Fabians said, “the national society’s by-laws require a vote of members in the re-selection of a mayoral candidate” and that this had not taken place. Separately, one of the trade unions whose vote helped Sir Robin to victory is looking into whether the locally-affiliated branch responsible for the decision followed the correct procedures. Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of media union BECTU, has told On London that, although the union’s head office had no involvement in the matter, the way the “yes” vote was settled is to be considered by its executive committee later this month. Read the full blog post here.