Dave Hill: Newham mayor ‘trigger ballot’: BECTU union confirms that affiliation fee not paid

Guardian journalist Dave Hill reveals that another affiliated organisation that helped Robin Wales ‘win’ the Newham trigger ballot was not affiliated to the local Labour Party, highlighting (yet again) serious questions about the integrity of the  entire Trigger Ballot process.

Investigations by BECTU union national officers, whose one member (that’s right, ONE) in Newham unilaterally voted to reselect the sitting Mayor vote cancelling out the votes of the entire East Ham Central Labour Party branch, have concluded that a branch affiliated to Labour locally had not paid the required fee for 2016. This is in contravention of Labour Party rules, and follows the Newham Fabian affiliated organisation being exposed for breaching rules as well.

The incumbent Mayor won the trigger ballot by 20 votes to 17 in a process held during October to December last year. Despite a majority of Labour Party members and ward branches in Newham voting for a open selection, their votes were discounted due to the failures of process, propriety and procedural irregularities in the trigger ballot process by Labour Party members and affiliated organisations supportive of the Mayor. With the BECTU vote now void he would have ‘won’ by 19 votes to 18, but if the Labour Party agreed with the national Fabian Society that the Newham Fabians vote breached its bye-laws, it would have been a tie at 18:18. But of course the Labour Party won’t do that, because they are fearful of a national scandal that will put the spotlight on political skulldugerry in Newham by an incumbent Labour Mayor desperate to cling onto power by any means necessary.

You can read the full David Hill article here.