Democracy Triggered supports members call to Labour’s NEC to hold an enquiry into the Newham Trigger Ballot

Democracy Triggered are supporting calls by a growing number of Labour members who are urging the NEC to set up an urgent enquiry into the Newham Trigger Ballot process.

In a letter sent to NEC members on the 17th January 2017, many failures of process and procedural irregularities in the Affirmative Nomination process (the Trigger Ballot) for the Reselection of the Directly Elected Mayor of Newham, were highlighted. The letter states that:

  • These irregularities have made a material difference to the result of the Process, tipping its result in favour of the incumbent Mayor by 20 votes to 17
  • A number of ballots should be declared void or held in abeyance pending the result of an enquiry set up by the NEC.

In addition to calling the NEC to establish a full inquiry into the matters set out in the letter, members are asking the NEC to halt any ratification of the Trigger Ballot until the report of the enquiry is considered.

You can lobby the Labour Party NEC for democracy and fairness by clicking here.