Democracy Triggered view on BECTU vote in Newham’s Trigger Ballot – its unravelling

Following the revelation by Guardian journalist David Hill, that another key affiliate vote that ‘secured’ a ‘win’ for Robin Wales in the Newham Trigger Ballot had not paid the required fee for 2016 in contravention of Labour Party rules (remember he only ‘won’ by 20 vote to 17. That’s right only by 3 votes, two of which have now been shown to have breached rules and the third still under spotlight), Democracy Triggered says:

‘If the BECTU vote is void that makes the result of the Newham Trigger Ballot 19:18 ‘against’ an open selection and for the automatic re-selection of Robin Wales. If the Newham Fabians vote – which breached national Fabian Society by-laws was declared void by the Labour Party that would be 18 in favour of an open selection and 18 in favour of the automatic re-selection of the incumbent. In other words a tie. If the TSSA affiliate vote was properly investigated by the union, it would result in 19 over 17 favouring an open selection and a choice of candidates.

If the Labour Party held an inquiry into the multiple failures of process, propriety and procedural irregularities in the Newham trigger ballot process it would show the bad politics playing out locally and how Robin Wales only ‘won’ because his supporters rigged the system.  We are urging the Labour Party to hold an inquiry so that issues highlighted in the letter sent to the NEC in January can be investigated.

With revelations of yet another vote breaching rules and regulations, it is also clear that Robin Wales has no mandate to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of Newham in 2018, without going through an fair and open selection process by Labour party members’.