Fabian nomination in Newham mayoral vote ‘breached society’s rules’

The Newham Recorder also reports that, following an investigation, the national Fabian Society has confirmed that the Newham Fabian society ‘did not comply with the national society’s bye-laws governing local Fabian societies’ when submitting its affirmative nomination vote in favour of the incumbent Mayor. The investigation found that the Newham Fabians group had breached a byelaw requiring the involvement of all its members, instead the nomination had been made by the society’s officers and by its delegate to East Ham Constituency Labour Party:

“The committee determined that the national society’s bye-laws require a vote of members in the re-selection of a mayoral candidate and therefore concluded that the Newham Fabians nomination had breached the society’s rules”

In a desperate face-saving move Cllr Desai, former Newham Fabians chair and GLA member at City Hall, claimed that the national Fabian Society ‘exonerated us. Their conclusion was that the rules were broken but they are not saying that we did it deliberately or maliciously’. Mmm…cover up? Well for those that are familiar with the workings of East Ham Labour Party, which is used as a base for the ‘Robinocracy’, ‘cover up‘ does seem like the right phrase to use.

A spokesperson for campaign website Democracy Triggered said Sir Robin had ‘lost the confidence of Labour members in Newham. Their overwhelming vote for an open selection was disregarded in favour of affiliates vote – it now turns out one of those affiliates breached their own rules. We call on the Labour party to strike out this result and to run an open selection for Labour candidate for Newham’. In other words, this really does stink.