Fabian’s investigate Newham

The national Fabians are investigating how Newham Fabians managed to return a Yes vote for Sir Robin Wales despite having not met for four years.

The Fabians rules clearly state “…require a vote of eligible members before a local Fabian Society makes a nomination in a Labour Party selection processes.”

Newham’s branch, Lazarus-like, is due to hold a social tonight despite not managing to meet to hold a trigger ballot. But members received an email late last night cancelling the meeting due to “venue and logistical reasons”. Or perhaps the guest of honour, Sir Robin Wales, was feeling shy about thanking members for their wholehearted support of his 5th term.

Various members have received a response to their complaints about the lack of meeting from the General Secretary, Andrew Harrop, via Giles Wright, membership officer. Most include these paragraphs:

Thank you for contacting the Fabian Society about the process followed by Newham Fabians for making a nomination in the re-selection procedure for Sir Robin Wales. We have received a number of inquiries on this matter.  Andrew Harrop, the General Secretary of the Fabian Society, has asked me to reply to you as follows:

The Fabian Society’s rules require that a vote of eligible members takes place before a local Fabian Society makes a nomination in Labour Party selection processes. Concerns have been raised that correct procedure was not followed in the Newham mayoral trigger ballot. We are now seeking further information from Newham Fabians to establish what procedure was followed, and whether it complied with Bye-law 9, clause v of the rules of the national Fabian Society.

Newham Fabians is scheduled to hold an AGM on Wednesday 11th January, which members of the national Fabian Society and Newham Fabians may attend. Our General Secretary, Andrew Harrop, will officiate over the meeting to ensure it is properly constituted and that all votes are valid.