General Secretary of Fabian Society confirms investigation into vote

At a meeting of the Newham Fabian Society, held on the 11th Jan 2017, the general secretary of the Fabian Society addressed members concerns over the controversial  ‘affirmative nomination’ vote in favour of Robin Wales made by former officers without consultation of local members. Andrew Harrop, reassured members that a thorough investigation is underway by its General Purposes Committee and a report is due to be considered later in the month. Democracy Triggered will update you with further news on this as soon as the results of the investigation are clear.

At the heated meeting, local Newham Fabian Society members also raised concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the local society under the leadership of the previous officers who included Chair Cllr Unmesh Desai who is also a GLA member; Secretary Cllr Tahmina Rahman who is a Mayoral Advisor; and Treasurer Cllr Lester Hudson. All former officers were present at the meeting, but despite being given the opportunity to respond to questions failed to provide sufficient assurances to members. Questions ranged from who the Newham Fabian GC delegate to East Ham CLP was; how much money was in the Newham Fabians bank account; and proof to show that the Newham Fabian Society had actually paid its affiliation fee to the local Labour Party in East Ham – which is a requirement under national Labour Party rules.