If not Sir Robin, then who?

Trigger Democracy has been asked who else might stand to be the Mayor of Newham.

The campaign wants a fair and democratic selection which will allow other candidates to come forward, for the first time since 2002, and stand for Mayor alongside Sir Robin Wales. It isn’t anti the current Mayor and isn’t pro any other candidate.

However Trigger Democracy does refute suggestions from some that nobody could replace Robin Wales. Nobody, even someone who’s run Newham since 1995, is indispensable or immortal. Members in Hackney have recently chosen a new Mayor, members in Southwark will soon be choosing theirs. Twenty other London Labour boroughs don’t have Robin Wales as their leader.

And the idea that nobody else is qualified or has the skills or experience is, frankly, insulting.

There are well over 3000 members in Newham, plenty of them are active members with lots of experience running businesses or in senior positions in the private and public sector.

Some are Councillors, many, especially those from the 2010 and 2014 intake, are balancing gaining experience of being on the Council, and learning how Newham and local government works, while holding down day jobs, some quite high profile with management, budget and policy responsibilities. Some also do voluntary work, have roles in the Labour party, experience of the real world and have families or are carers. 

And lots of them are women, from BME groups and young(ish).

Just like our borough.