It stinks: Newham Fabian Trigger Ballot vote broke the rules

As previously reported here and here, following an  investigation into the Newham Fabian society Trigger Ballot nomination vote in favour  of the incumbent Robin Wales, the national Fabian Society has finally ruled that Newham Fabians society DID breach its national rules.

So the rules were broken in order to deliver a vital extra vote to Sir Robin, because he and his supporters knew he was on a slippery rope. So who were these supporters in Newham Fabians? Well according to sources they were all councillors who are / were compromised becuae of their loyalty for…guess who…yep Robin Wales: Cllr Tahmina Rahman (Mayoral Advisor for ‘New Media’); Cllr Unmesh Desai who is also a GLA member and vice chair of the Police and Crime committee at City Hall (and formerly a Mayoral Advisor for *cough* crime and disorder as well); and Cllr Lester Hudson, who is the deputy-Mayor and responsible for amongst other things ‘project delivery’.

But who is (or was) the Newham Fabian delegate to East Ham CLP who also took part in the nomination vote that broke national Fabian Society rules? Well none other than Cllr Ken Clark who is cabinet member for ‘building communities’ and ‘public affairs’.  He was also a former London Region Director for the Labour Party who during his time was instructed by the Labour Party to oppose the Directly Elected Mayoral model in Tower Hamlets , so has clearly had a change of heart since then. Read more about this story here.