Newham Recorder: members and councillors call for trigger ballot enquiry

The Newham Recorder report on the ’13-page letter signed by 47 members of the East Ham and West Ham Consituency Labour Parties, including ten councillors, was sent to the National Executive Committee (NEC) ahead of its meeting this afternoon’. Highlighting extracts of the letter, the article states that Labour Party members  ‘are appalled and concerned by the breaches of the rules and conflicts of interest that have characterised the process so far’.

It continues ‘Sir Robin’s win was determined by the support of affiliated organisations which voted 11 to 6 in favour of keeping him, despite 11 out of 20 wards voting for an open selection process which would have allowed other candidates to stand. Dissatisfied Labour party members have highlighted issues which “could potentially change the outcome of the process”, focusing on “three major failings” of the trigger ballot nomination process’. You can read the full article here.