The campaign continues: Robin Wales still has no mandate or legitimacy

Yesteray evening, Democracy Triggered learnt that at the Newham Full Council meeting, Robin Wales declared his pleasure that the NEC had endorsed his candidacy as Labour’s candidate for Newham’s Direcectly Elected Mayor in 2018.

But there is a stain on his ‘victory’ as there remain serious questions about the Newham Trigger Ballot – including suspect votes and conflicts of interest – that the Labour Party’s ruling body haven’t adequately addressed. Many Labour Party members in Newham recognise that he as no mandate among the membership because the majority of them voted for an open selection but due to a number of questionable affliliate votes he ‘won’.

While the majority will feel let down by the NEC, they know that the Newham trigger ballot process raises a series of questions about his democratic legitmacy as the Labour candidate or future Mayor. Those that signed a letter to the NEC setting out their concerns will continue making the case to Labour’s ruling body and general secretary so that they are heard, and not simply via a listening exercise to establish lessons to be learnt.

Democracy Triggered will also continue putting the spotlight on the subterfuge, conflicts of interests, lack of transparency and failures of accountability that characterise the Labour Party in Newham, as well as forms of political corruption that are simply not acceptable in the modern age.

So for all our supporters interested in accountable, transparent and participatory democracy – watch this space. We are on your side and will ensure your voices are heard.