The #NoMandate movement keeps growing

Labour Party members in Newham voted for an open selection in the Trigger Ballot but Sir Robin Wales is ignoring that and pretending that noting has happened. Be part of the #NoMandate movement and keep the call for democracy growing.

Act now: tell him and the Labour Party that you want choice and your vote respected

Take Action 

  1. Write to Robin Wales directly(plus the General Secretary of the Labour Party and the London Regional Director) demanding that he accepts an open selection.
  1. Sign the #NoMandate petition to the Leader, Deputy Leader and NEC of the Labour Party
  1. Sign up here for alerts of #NoMandate actions we are planning in the coming weeks.

Two weeks on and still #NoMandate

It has been two weeks since Sir Robin Wales told the Newham Recorder about his false victory in the recent Newham Trigger Ballot process – but the pressure on him to accept an open selection keeps on growing with members like you telling him that he has #NoMandate.

Despite the majority of members in 11 out of 20 Labour branches in Newham voting decisively for NO, he’s ignoring this stark reality and thinks he has the legitimacy to keep on going.

Instead he’s hiding behind the questionable votes of some affiliate organisations and it’s all unravelling. Read media coverage here and here about why some affiliate votes are being questioned. This is damaging the longstanding trust that Newham voters have put in the local Labour Party and is undermining its credibility.

Help with the #NoMandate campaign

Now that democracy in Newham has been triggered, the #NoMandate campaign keeps growing! Loads of members like you from across all sections of the party are being inspired to take action.

So make your vote count and take part in a #NoMandate action – because the call for an open selection where Sir Robin Wales can stand alongside other candidates is still an option for Labour Party members in Newham.

There are plans for a series of public meetings in the New Year as well as a conference about democracy and accountability in the Labour Party in Newham. If you want to be sent details, let us know here. [hyperlink to contact form on site]

Democracy Triggered are also planning a big campaign push in January 2017 and we would like your input. Tell us what activities and actions you would like to see here [hyperlink to contact form on site], and how you can help grow the #NoMandate movement in your branch or affiliated organisation.

Until then, we wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and festive season.

Yours keeping,

Democracy Triggered